Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top 5 Foods (even if I'm stuffed!)

Think of your favorite cook or baker.

After that person has made you the best meal ever and you are stuffed, these next five items represent what I'd eat even if I didn't have room for it.

Call it the, "oooo! Are you going to eat that?" food.

1. Cooked Chocolate Pudding. I'm convinced that right after Sister Wheeler hands you your program at the pearly gates, Brother Wheeler hands you a bowl of Chocolate Pudding and says, "Welcome....And Nice Job!!

Disclaimer: Chocolate Pudding has to be cooked. If it is not I will not eat it...OK, I'll eat it but I won't like it.

2. Prime Rib. Anytime of the day is a good time for Prime Rib. The best thing found in Las Vegas is all of the "Prime Rib Buffet's." oooooooooo!!

3. Unagi (Eel) Sushi. Even if I was completely stuffed from the "Prime Rib Buffet" I'd still have room for Unagi Sushi. Crazy good! Ready for a shocker? The best Sushi I've ever had was in SLC at the Shogun!

4. Phad Thai! The people of Thailand have it going on with this amazing dish. I could eat this until I explode. (See earlier blog post about Magnesium Citrate)

5. (TIE) Haystacks. A little cocoa a bunch of coconut. Mmmmmmm!!

5. (TIE) Chick-O-Sticks. Dannnnggg these things are good. Coconut and Peanut Butter. Some people smoke. I eat chick-o-sticks.


Becka said...

Exactly! I agree with you on every one of those! I might move Pad Thai up to Number 1 though. Yummy! You make my mouth water!

jessie said...

oooh my tummy is rumbling now. everything looks good! also i laughed about the wheelers handing out pudding in heaven. you are funny dad!

sarah hope :] said...

(say in jack black's spanish accent): NO WAY! everything you like, is my favorite food too!(heh heh)

Krysten & David said...

YUM, the only thing is I don't think I could do EEL. Nope not going to happen any time soon. Now the rest I'd be right there eating it with you. I am with Becka though and Pad Thai needs to be moved up on the list. Seriously could eat my weight in that stuff.

jeremy said...

You know I agree with you about the pad thai. Becka and I practically lived on pad thai in Tacoma.
It's hard to go wrong with prime rib and sushi too. Prime rib buffets in Vegas is where it's at!

clistern said...

What! No Creme brule?