Monday, August 31, 2009

Kennedy: Penny's good friend and my potential for loss of capital spending


Penny's good friend across the street is named Kennedy. As you can clearly see, Kennedy is a professional motocross rider. Kennedy (and her family) have introduced Penny to such X-Sports as: motocross, kneeboarding and boating. I'm sure base-jumping and hang-gliding will soon follow.

Penny LOVES all of the new sports that Kennedy and her family have introduced to her and I'm astonished at Penny's fearlessness!! Thanks to sweet ole Kennedy (and her family) I am now under near obligation to buy Penny her own: motorcycle, boat and hang-glider.

I'm currently accepting donations.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jacob D. Hope: Truly one of the great ones!!

Twice in the last month I've caught my son Jacob in the act of praying. The first time was at our father and sons camp-out. The second time was when I accidently barged into his bedroom at home. Both times I caught him, he was kneeling next to his bed solemnly busy communicating to our Heavenly Father.

I suspect Jake has no idea what kind of teacher and/or influence he has over his father.

Turning away from Jake on both occasions I was penetrated by this thought: "Got Faith?"

I reflected on my own faith and spirituality and realized that I could be much closer to Heavenly Father. I could pray more fervently, more sincerely, more formally and more often.

Both instances made me realize that the real teachers in the world, like Jake, live by example. As it turns out, the example of others is my preferred way of learning.

When I watch others whom I admire, it isn't long before something inside me says, "You should strive to be like that." As I listen, and try to improve, I feel comfort; then the same voice says, "Nice. Keep up the good work."

All because of example.

Thanks Jake!

Here's to you!

(Scoutmaster: Travis Smart, Varsity coach: Travis Hatch and 1st Class Scout: Jacob Hope)

We went to Jake's court of honor last night where he received his 1st Class advancement in Scouting.

Jake at the father and sons camp-out

Jake with his biggest fan

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blog Fatigue: A word to Jeremy and Alligator (and others who are thinking about quitting!).

My brother Jeremy has recently fatigued himself to the point of telling the rest of us to go on without him in the blogging world. Sleepless nights of wondering what to post next have gotten the best of him. Similar stories of blog angst have afflicted many of my friends including Alligator Larson. Here's a gal who had a real nice blog which she populated with pictures of her family and lovely children. THEN both of these people (dear people to me) just stopped posting. As in, "Cold Turkey!" To which I responded in my best digital vernacular, a great big capitalized, "WTH??"(As in: What the Heck!? for you unfamiliar with the internet and phone lingo). There were no "LOLs" or "LMBO" at what they had done. This was serious.

But like the LDS pioneers that grew tired of their hard perilous journey across the plains it became not a journey, but a quest. A timeless, selfless sacrifice for future posterity.

And so, with that brilliant analogy my humble and sober message to you Jeremy old boy and my friend Alligator is:

Blogging is a "freaking" quest OK!! Get off your tails and let your friends know what in the heck is going on with you and your families!!!

Much Love!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brentie's artistic expression

All of my children are exceptional artists. Their artistic mediums range from pencil, paint and clay to string and wind instruments. Elise, Jess, Amber, Brent, Sarah, Jake and Penny are multi-mediumed artists. Anything they touch generally turn to beautiful expressive pieces of art (at least in my eyes. And really that is all that matters because it is, "all about me.")

In an attempt to keep up with their breathtaking pieces of art expression I have gone ahead and thrown down the artistic gauntlet in an attempt to compete with them.

I'm sure my work will surpass anything in their lifetimes.

The medium? My hair.

You likey?

I knew you would.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Madness: Skateboarder Rage!

Turn up the volume and watch this awesome 30 second video. The slow-motion part is the best!

Random Madness: Asian Advertisements!

If I had to advertise in any Asian language I am sure I would fail too! Below are a few of my favorite Asian/English signs/advertisements gone wrong.

Beauty Rotion!

No explanation needed!

Mmmmm...High Grade Puke.


What did YOU eat for breakfart?

It so give you cavity!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pro Skateboarders in H-Town!

Please answer the following True or False

1.  Hailey Idaho is home to a nationally renowned skateboard park:

  • True
  • False

If you said "false" then you are incorrect.

As it turns out, Hailey has a fantastic skateboard park that has attracted the likes of Tony Hawk (Yes...THAT Tony Hawk!).  A couple of Saturdays ago, professional skateboarders converged on Hailey to give the locals a little taste of the "real deal."

I'll have to admit having never seen pro skateboarders live before; I was blown away by their athleticism and agility.  I found myself cheering out loud (too loud, as in everyone stopped and looked at me cheering too loud).  OK, so I was a geek watching the skateboarders for the first time.  You all know I'm a clod.

After watching these amazing skaters I can only say:

Skateboarding is not a crime!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ode to Bloggers


To all my blogging friends:

Blog away and don't get hurt!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weird NyQuil Dream Part 3

Ever have that wild dream where ducks are following you?

Me too.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Ramses is Number One...."




Here at the Daily Item I had been using a lot of .GIF files poached from other sites.
Today I learned how to make my own, so LOOK OUT!!
The above .GIF file is of Penny May at 5 years old sitting on our trampoline in Tacoma.

Cutest thing ever. I know!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Optical Illusion!

DO NOT hurt yourself looking at this optical illusion!
Pretty cool really

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time to Veg Out!!

(Click here or on picture to begin)

For The Daily Item viewer that has had a very hard day and now, just needs to VEG (vedge) for a while!


Click Here!

Do it...
Do it...
Do it...

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Daily Item: "Person of the Year" Award

Darline Burke IS the Daily Item: "Person of the Year"

Let me tell you why!

Darline is an Angel. Mathematically: Darline = Angel.

This woman sent in papers from her home in Boise to serve a mission at the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City and what she got back instead was a mission call to Ireland!! Currently she is there (as in, right this very second) spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Irish. Cool huh?!

But that's not why she is Person of the Year on the Daily Item.

Here's why:

A couple of months ago I received a question on Facebook (It's actually good for something!!) from this Darline Burke. The question asked me if I was related to William E. Hope, who was the son of James Hope, who was the son of Stephen Hope.

I answered that I was indeed related to William Edwin Hope and that he was my great-great Grandfather. She responded that William Edwin Hope was also her great-great Grandfather. As it turns out William E. Hope had 12 children. Of the 12 children, George Henry was my Grandfather and Alice Grace was Darline's Grandmother.

I was fascinated to make such a connection, because up until this point in time I had never ever known an active member of the church older than me in my ancestry.

I had many questions for Darline about my ancestors and she patiently answered each one of them. First and foremost I wanted to know if I had any ancestors that crossed the plains from Nauvoo to Salt Lake.

Her reply was, "DID WE HAVE ANY ANCESTORS THAT CROSSED THE PLAINS!!??? ARE YOU KIDDING??" She then reeled off myriads of families (Hope ancestors) that had come across the plains with the rest of the Saints.

This had come as a total sunrise to me because I had been baptized as a convert into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints not knowing that even my Father or Mother (divorced) had been members. I knew nothing to speak of about my heritage outside where my Grandfather settled in Salem Idaho.

Obviously I was delighted.

For the next several days I would ask her questions about my heritage and she would answer and send me family histories and biographies of my relatives. As it turns out I am steeped with LDS ancestry and heritage.

A couple of LDS highlights of the Hope Ancestory:

  • Aaron Cheney and Wife Mehitable Wells: Were taught the gospel by Joseph Smith Jr and Orson Pratt. They joined the church in 1831.
  • Zachariah and Eliza Hardy were taught the gospel by William Hyde in Siersmont, Maine. Upon their arrival in Nauvoo they formed a strong bond with the Prophet Joseph Smith; Zachariah was chosen as one of the Prophet's bodyguards. Zachariah was one of the first men to reach the Prophet outside the Carthage Jail window after he had been shot and killed.
  • Zachariah Hardy died after three days of running a ferry across the Mississippi in horribly cold weather (because no one else was "dependable") for the Saints in February of 1846. His wife Eliza had 6 children with a newborn of only 5 days. She was invited by Emma Smith to return and live with her in Nauvoo. Once better, Emma Smith said that if she would cancel her trip west with the rest of the Saints she could share her home and all she possessed. Eliza declined and went west the Captain Day Company to Salt Lake.

I could go on and on and I still have more to read. Here's the amazing thing about all of this: I have felt at times in my life to have been protected. I have known that God lives and knew me from a very young age. There have been times when I could feel unseen angels/people cheering for me as I joined the church and struggled to live the gospel at a younger age. I knew support was there but I did not know who these people were. I just called them: Angels.

Now I know who they are.

Knowing this has given me a strength I've never known. I am so grateful to know my LDS heritage. I am so grateful for my dear cousin Darline.

I would have never known any of this without, Darline Burke, who is: a sweet woman who followed a prompting of the spirit to ask me a question through facebook. A person I have never met personally.

SHE is my Daily Item: "Person of the Year!"

Let's give her a big Daily Item round of applause!

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's time you knew

How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?

Click to find out The Oatmeal

What not to do.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Soft Spot Thursday

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From the ??? File: Soviet Russia

(Click to Enlarge)
Say this in your best Boris from "Rocky and Bullwinkle" voice.
You will laugh.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ix-nay on the Oke-Cay equals a disciplined Ex.

If you will remember, the current global economic crisis was started when I stopped drinking Coke and Diet Coke precisely 10 months ago at 3:00AM of October 9th. I had put so much money in Coke's pocket over the years that when I quit, all that money Coke was used to getting stopped and Coke's stock fell. One thing led to another and the market snowballed and crashed (all because of me).

I've been "mostly sober" for the last 10 months or so.

"Mostly Sober" you ask?

-confession- Well, there were exactly 2 (two-week (as in too weak)) periods that I fell off of the caffeinated drink "wagon" in the last 10 months. Those two week binges coincided exactly with my wife leaving the house for personal vacation.

Both times my wife was in Utah without me. And both times I gave in.

Interesting huh?

As soon as she left town it was like the "Coke Demon" came calling.

"oh Brentie...Drink me!!" She hissed. So I did.

I have a hard time when I'm alone with the Coke Demon.


The Coke was good for a couple of hours but then...the dreaded "caffeine-bonk" would kick in.
Perhaps you know the "bonk" I'm talking about. It's where you decide to drink another Coke because you've crashed a bit and now your tired. Ten Cokes later your riding the Coke snake.
(Hello! bags under the eyes!)

Terrible cycle I must say.

Here's what I think:

I think my caffeine problems = X.
You see if, "X = Issues" then I propose everyone has "X" and if left unchecked and undisciplined X can run and ruin your life.

X is different for different people.

The trick for me is to stay away from X. It's bad to give in to X but I'm comfortable knowing what my "X" is and talking about it seems to help.

It's either talk about it or keep my wife chained to the house.