Thursday, August 14, 2008

Easy Movie Quiz # 76

Easy Movie Quiz:

Here are some movies that I'll stop and watch if they are on TV. It doesn't matter if the movie is half over when I change channels to it, I'll put the clicker down and finish watching. Can you name them?

1. One of Elise's favorite movies

2. One of Sarah's favorite movies

3. A very good film. Unlike any you have ever seen!

4. You've got to love a film where Mom, Dad and Kids take down the bad guys!

5. Ultra-Shmultra Good Movie!

There you have it. Pretty easy, huh? We'll see how you do on the next quiz.


Jessumca said...

Butch cassidy, holy grail, joe verses the volcano, and incredibles! i win!

Jessumca said...

oh i forgot that thing you do sorry

sarah hope :] said...

dad! i didn't know you stared in the sound-o music!!! haha.

Anonymous said...


There were four well known actors who wore this uniform, each of the uniforms however, had very slight differences, depending on rank or duty.

1. The star of the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE!, "TRON" was Jeff Bridges.

2. The actor who played "TRON", Bruce Boxlightner, hope I spelled that right.

3. His girlfriend in the movie, Cindy Morgan, better known as "Lacey" in "Caddyshack".

4. And last, but certainly not least, was the villan of the flick, the great David Warner.

Now, there were various minor actors with the uniform, so this question was a little tricky.

So in the inimatable words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I got ta say about that".