Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something Fishy

I spent a good part of my youth growing up around the Snake River in eastern Idaho. It was a great place to grow up if you like fishing and swimming. My friend Matt and I fished and fished and fished the Snake River and it's tributaries. Listed below are some of my favorite fish to catch.

There are many species of Trout all over Eastern Idaho. My local favorite was the Cutthroat, followed by the German Brown.

Small Mouth Bass are all very plentiful in the Snake River on the west side of the state near Boise. They are very fun to catch.

Walleye are an excellent fighting fish. They are extremely aggressive and posses nasty teeth that you have to look out for.
I've never caught this type of fish before. I did have a dream about a school of them once after drinking a bunch of NyQuil. Not cool.
Ah, the Pokey fish. I've never caught this one either. But, do you ever feel this way? Sometimes I do (see the post on magnesium citrate).


Jessumca said...

DAD! i liked those last two fish. it made me laugh. you crazy! :)

jeremy said...

I like crazy.