Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top 5 Colognes of All-Time!

OK. It's time to reveal some secrets to the Daily Item crowd. Here for your viewing pleasure are my top 5 colognes.


1. Stud Cologne! I was wearing this cologne when Ruth and I went out on our first date. Do I need to say more?

2. Brut: by Faberge! Personal space is important to me at times. I wear this when I want no one in my bubble.

You've got to love anything named, "Brut."

3. Old Spanaway. When you're tired of the Tacoma Aroma, a little dab of this splashed on your face is a refresher.

4. Nutella. Some people think this is only a food. Wrong. Call me crazy, but there are times when this is the only bait that will turn Ruth's head my way. A little "smear behind the ear" and your spouse will drop everything.

"Oh yeah," the smell of desire!

5. Cold Shower. I wear this stuff exclusively when Ruth is out of town.


jessie said...

DAD! you are hilarious. "a little smear behind the ear" what ever! lol! stud? spanaway? those were great dad. make a book of your top five of every category and i will read it over and over and over ...and knitting! and knitting! and knitting!

sarah hope :] said...

eww, Nutella? haha, man mom's crazy for that stuff. you should see her when "I" put it on.

Jeremy the Ames said...

Not gonna touch this one.