Monday, August 18, 2008

Music Quiz # 38 (Spot the Two Imposters)

My musical taste differs significantly to that of my friends. I have been ridiculed and misunderstood many times for the music I listen to. The truth is I'm a sucker for vocal harmonies and tight instrumentals. For the most part any tight harmony will turn my head and raise my eyebrows; but I'm not a pure lover of every musical genre that has harmony. For instance, if I hear the country song "achy breaky heart" ever again, I'll collapse and die. I HATE THAT SONG.

I digress...

I love harmony but can't sing it. Occasionally I'll play my acoustic guitar and sing kind of a broken lead and Ruth or one of my daughters will provide the harmony. To me this is heavenly. Almost every time this happens though I have to stop and "simma down" before I can resume playing because it is so beautiful to me.

Below, for your pleasure I've listed many of my favorite albums/CD's from over the years with a slight commentary for each. I've listed 2 albums which represent imposter's to my collection. These are albums that I absolutely do not like or care for. Can you find them? Do you know my taste in music?

If aliens land from another planet and they ask me to play for them the best music the earth has to offer, I play them a little tune by Paul, John, George and Ringo called, "I Feel Fine." I'm certain that after the aliens hear this song they will bring no harm to us.
I'm not a big fan of calling people, "Mama Anything." So while the name of this band has always rubbed me slightly wrong I will say that you will be hard pressed to find harmony better than this anywhere, anytime.
Pure Genius!!
Who doesn't melt when they hear "Christmas Time is Here" by the Peanuts Gang?

Holy Cow...when Zamfir plays "Donna Sommers: On the Radio" I get out all my empty coke bottles and try to emulate.

Big Soundtrack album from the Beatles first movie. "If I Fell," the Lennon/McCartney tight harmony ballad never gets old!

Did they use their own instruments? Maybe but probably not. However when I first heard "Take the Last Train to Clarksville" in 3rd grade I was electrified!! Still fresh today!

Nilsson's theme album from 1971 was made into a made for TV movie. Beautiful collection of "one-off" songs. Superb!

Glen, Glen, Glen. This one time "Beach Boy" is pitch perfect and a master guitar player. Just recently he released his first album in 15 years. At the age of 72!!! That's Coker's age!!

Best live album and DVD ever made!

When the Polka Padre (John Cocktoasten) gets going he is a one-two-three "magical euphoria!"

Rolling Stone Magazine says that this is the number 1 album of all time.

Anyone ever heard the song, "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant?" Fantastic.

I include this album of Barry Manilow in 8-Track form because this is what I had back in the day. There is always a song that has to be cut in half that exists on 8-tracks. That song on this 8-Track was "Rain." You'd be listening to this nice song called "Rain" and then halfway through the song it would fade to silence...that silence was followed by a beep and a clunk...the LED would change from 1 to 2 and the music would continue where it left off. Nasty.

Sweeping epic scores are what this composer would write. Very distinctive, his songs are good on a rainy day.

Who hasn't marvelled at the song, "A Boy Named Sue?" or "Folsom Prison Blues" Very basic in his approach this guy is awesome.


Jessumca said...

Well my guess is that you don't really like Zamfir if i'm spelling that right, and then the polka padre. I haven't heard those myself. But they sound ridiculous to me. And i don't mean to offend you if I am wrong. :)

Jessumca said...

i just went onto itunes and listened to some samples of Zamfir and the Polka Padre.. and i'm almost 100% certain that you don't like those.

jeremy said...

I think I agree with Jess. I know about your secret love with Barry Manilow even though you sound quite bitter about his 8 track.
I can only hope Polka Padre is one of the "imposters". If you do like polka, don't worry, you can get help with PLA, aka, "polka lovers anonymous".

Sonja said...

Can't sing?? Whatever. That right there, is the imposter.