Friday, August 1, 2008

Dream come true = Lifetime supply of cereal

My wife is an excellent cook. You people have seen me. I don't miss many of her meals. In fact with the exception of "St. Patrick's Delight" and "Breeto Casserole" I will and have eaten anything that she prepares. Again, because she cooks very well!

That said, I admit right now to the "The Daily Item" readers that I am addicted to breakfast cereal. Type really doesn't matter. The only cereal I didn't like was "The Freakies" and that was only because of the creepy commercials. Bring on all the cereals, I'll eat them. "Cocoa Puffs" - Excellent, "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" - Excellent, "Smurf Berry Crunch" - Not bad in a pinch. I've tried them all: oats, corn, rice, wheat, cold, cooked, chocolate, strawberry. Captain Crunch, Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries, Captain Crunch with only Crunch Berries. It doesn't matter. As long as there is Vitamin D or 2% milk to pour on it, I'll eat it.

It's not uncommon for me to eat a very nice meal of Ruth's and then apologize profusely as I fill up a bowl with cereal and milk. "Sorry Baby...Gots to eat my Lucky Charms!" I will say. Ruth just nods. I'd be in real trouble if I didn't eat her food. But I do and usually all of it.

When I was 11, a friend of mine would invite me over for breakfast all the time. He'd save me the last bowl of every box because he hated the "powdery whatnot" at the end. Man, I thought this friend was the best. Three or four bowls of "powdery whatnot" and I was out the door and flying through the neighborhood on my Schwinn Stingray.

This went on for a year and then he moved away. Daaannnngggg.

Favorite reference to cereal in the movies? See if you can name the film.

"These are real good cereal flakes Mrs. McDunnah."

Fantasy: I'm on a deserted island with only 4 cereals. What would they be?

1. Wheat Chex

2. Rice Chex

3. Corn Chex

4. Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries (to break up the monotony!)

But you know...these cereals could just as easily be: Life, Trix, Honeycomb, Super Colon-Blow, 100% Oat Bran. It really doesn't matter. Uh, just keep the skim milk away from me.

My post today covers this somewhat harmless vice and introduces a couple of friends from my past: Rocky and Bullwinkle.


Sonja said...

Silly Brent, Trix are for kids.

Travis said...

Im rather partial to cinnamon life, raisin bran crunch, and frosted mini wheats big bites.

jessie said...

i'm very sad. i didn't think you would be posting so often! so i missed a bunch. but i love this one. i could eat any cereal too. twins!

jeremy said...

I know I'm a little late commenting on this one but better late then never. Here's another thing me and big brother have in common. I also love most cereals. My personal favorite is cracklin oat bran. There's two disadvantages to that cereal though.
1. It's like 50 bucks for a 10 ounce box making it a luxury item.
2. Between the size of my cereal bowl and the small box itself, I usually eat the whole box of cereal in one setting.

For me any hi-sugar cereal can be classified as super colon blow.