Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random Sampler

We just returned home from Washington. We brought Elise home with us to stay for the week. Here is a nice photo of Elise the oldest and Penny the youngest. Cute girls wouldn't you say???

We got to go out with my brother David Hope and his sweet girl friend Christy. Christy is an angel and is the sole reason why my brother smiles so big. You're the best Christy!

While at my sister Kelli's house we dug through some pictures and found this great picture of my dad (Clive Sr.) from 1989. In this photo he was wearing a Japanese outfit intended for my mother at Christmas time. Nice Dad!

Here's a sweet photo of most of the family minus me, Brent and Penny. They are from left to right: Amber, Jessica, Ruth, Elise, Jake and Sarah.

Everyone with their best foot forward!


goooooood girl said...
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wendy said...

Cute Cute family!!! Why in the world would Jake not be smiling surrounded by such beauty. It is so so good to see everyone. Now about the Japanese thing your dod's wearing.... does this run in the family?

Lis said...

I hope you guys enjoyed yer trip to Washingtonland!

It was great to see all the cousins. (Sorry, Sarah, for mistaking you for Penny. Of course, the last time I saw you, you were probably closer to her age.)

kristi bisti said...

this may very well be my favorite post! :) what a beautiful family!