Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Daily Item is one year old!!

It was one year ago in January that the Daily Item hit the world wide web. It's been a lot of fun posting different things over the year. It's a triumph in many ways as I seldom do anything this consistent for a whole year. It's also a type of journal. I suspect I'll just print the whole thing out (yes even the "Magnesium Citrate" piece) someday and slap it in my regular journal. I'll admit that some of my humor is a stretch and not everyone will get it. But it is funny to me.

I've included two pictures in this post.

1. A picture from my second ever post entitled "Merry Mullet Christmas." (Mullet's never get to old to look at! Right?)
2. An internet high five celebrating 1 year on the web. If you've tuned into the Daily Item during the past year go ahead and use it over and over, careful not to damage your monitor though.

Original Hope Family
(Name them all win big dollars)

Rarely do you see anything as innovative as an internet high-five so...Enjoy!


Allison said...

Nice mullet! This must be a BP photo . . . BP meaning, "Before Penny". High five to you!

Jeremy said...

Happy Anniversary! The world is a better place when I have The Daily Item to read.
The mullet is classic.

Sonja said...

I LOVE that picture. Of course I can name all the wonderful people in that photo.

I hope this blog sticks around for another 100 years.

Yes, I high fived the hand.

wendy said...

Happy Birthday Daily Item!!!

This will make a great journal keepsake. ;o) Hey who's that guy with the mullet? I swear I've seen him before somewhere.
High five and ten D.I.!!!