Friday, January 9, 2009

Elise Reagan comes to Hailey town

Elise Reagan, our oldest daughter spent the week with us. Interesting things happened while she was here:

1. There was no fighting in the Hope Home

2. There was a special cheeriness vibe going on

3. The house looked uncharacteristically cleaner than normal.

All of these things can be attributed to Elise. Being the oldest Hope child, Elise has always had very strong leadership skills to the others. Having her home again calibrated everyone's sibling compass back to default. Everyone just fell in and listened to what Elise had to say and there was no bickering!

Elise is cheerful. She has the ability to get inside someone's bubble and brighten their day. She's relentless that way. Not only vibrant to us but I've seen her at her employment in Washington where she takes care of infant children. She's so vibrant to the children and her co-workers! They absolutely adore her.

Elise is organized. I can say for sure that she did not get organizational skills from me! Elise is clean and tidy and she brought that mantra to our home for us to follow.

Elise had wonderful insights and "out of the box" ways to look at things that I appreciated a great deal. In fact, they caught me off guard they were such good insights. She was a delight to have for the week and we'll miss her!


Roo Roo's Corner said...

Amen Beother!

wendy said...

Goooo Elise!! I love ya girl friend. Maybe we'll even get to see you one of these days.