Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Starz! Bun-o-vision!

Here's something really fun. Ever seen Bun-O-Vision? You haven't?? Well shoot, Bun-O-Vision is an animated short of 30 seconds that features bunnies enacting your favorite movies.

Bun-O-Vision is great. Say you're really not interested in sitting 2 hours through a movie, Bun-O-Vision will play that whole movie for you (more or less) in 30 seconds, acted out entirely by bunnies.

For instance: Haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite? Don't have the time? Just click the play button below!

Pretty cool huh!?

Perhaps you haven't seen Star Wars. Well go here:

How about Jaws? Go Here:

All the movies can be seen here: but be careful the R rated ones contain foul language and bunnies using foul language is not cool.

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