Thursday, January 22, 2009

Penny has Chicken Pox!

My sweet daughter Penny has come down with the Chicken Pox and I am staying home with her this week and telecommuting from home thanks to the good folks at Cox Communications.
In Penny's honor I've written her a song!

Chickenpock Penny
Sing the below song to the tune of
Paperback Writer by the Beatles.

Chickenpock Penny (Chickenpock Penny)

Dear Mr. Cox, will you take some time?
There's a problem that I need solved of mine.
My Wife's in Tacoma and the kids in school
But there's no one home to stay with, Chickenpock Penny,
Chickenpock Penny!

There'll be no music lessons or visits soon
And several days home from elementary school
She'll be scratching, itching, all the day away
I hate to miss work but I've got to stay with Chickepock Penny,
Chickenpock Penny!

Chickenpock Penny (Chickenpock Penny)

I will need some days off say perhaps a few,
She'll be missing school for a week or two.
I can work from home if you could be so kind,
Cause my daughters sick and I've got stay with Chickenpock Penny,
Chickenpock Penny!

Can you let me stay home can you see the light?
In the coming weeks I'll work day and night.
If you let me stay home, I'll work extra hard
Cause there's no one else and I've got to stay with Chickenpock Penny,
Chickenpock Penny!

Chickenpock Penny (Chickenpock Penny)

Chickenpock Penny - chickenpock penny
Chickenpock Penny - chickenpock penny


by B.Hope

Incidentally you can go to Chickenpock Penny's new blog located at:


kristi bisti said...

does she really have chicken pox? or are you just being goofy?

dave and i have started a blog- you've inspired us. i don't have your email, so i'll just pass on the link here. :)

hope all is well. :)

Jeremy said...

Too bad for Penny. Get better!

Quick story:
I got chickenpox when I was about 12. That week when I was in bed was the same week Magic Johnson announced he was HIV positive. Immediately I called up a friend and said, "dude, did you know Magic Johnson is gay?"

Brent Hope said...

THAT is indeed HOPE/RIGBY logic.

Sonja said...

Loved it! Now I want you to post a video of you playing the guitar and singing that song.

Do it!

Hope Penny feels better soon!

Roo Roo's Corner said...

You are clever dear!

wendy said...

So cute! Quick do a music video before she is all better.