Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Totally to do with nothing Tuesday: Dog vs. Porcupine

Years ago when I was a teenager. Our family dog tangled with a porcupine. The next morning, the site of our dog was gruesome to say the least. We painstakingly took out all of the quills with pliers and left the dog to heal. Within a few days the dumb dog tangled with the porcupine again. This time our dog wasn't so lucky. He is off in dog heaven now. Probably a much better place.

This post shows a few photos of other owners dogs who have tangled with Mr. Porcupine.

There are two types of Dogs. They are: Dogs that have been Porcupined and Dogs that haven't yet been porcupined.

No...stop right there...I know what you're thinking. How could this... a cute little Porcupine send Brent's dog to dog heaven? Well, If you're brave enough scroll down a little farther, you'll see for yourself how nasty these things can be!

Are you sure you want to see the gruesomeness?

Here it is.

Poor guy!

This feisty dog got nailed!

This sweet dog was minding his own business. And then whammy right in the kisser!

This is what my dog looked like both times he got nailed. Bad huh!?

This dog wasn't hit by a Porcupine. Instead it is wearing a porcupine costume.
"Who's a pretty porcupine dog? You are, you are!!" That's a good boy!


Jessumca said...

I didn't know you had a dog that was messed up by a porcupine! That is tragic but very interesting. I'm sorry I laughed a little bit at the picture of the dog that looked like yours both times it was hit. That porcupine was quite thorough.

Dr Scott C Toasten said...

Is every day at Cox like Fridays here?? You have waaayyy to much time on your hands!!!

BTW, poor doggies :o(