Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh yeah baby...It's here!! The first inaugural "Daily Item Music Quiz"

Daily Item listeners, I have a treat for you.

Today is the inaugural run of "The Daily Item Music Quiz." I will be adding music quizzes from time to time. This particular quiz will be Quiz number 1.

This is what you have to do to participate in the quiz:

1. Take your mouse pointer and click the play button on the little mp3 player below.
2. Once clicked, the song will begin to stream/load. Be a little patient you dial uppers.
3. Listen to the song; if you know who it is or would like to guess post a comment at the bottom of this post.
4. If someone has already posted the correct singer go ahead and post the group or person that you believe it is.

Correct guessers will be shown on the next Quiz post.

Hint and background:

The song was originally written by Jackson Browne and the new cover of this song was just released this summer. I enjoyed this song when released by Nico but her accent is a bit heavy. I was very happy to see this particular artist cover the song. This person is an expert guitarist and pitch perfect singer.

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Krysten said...

I like the song and I like the Jackson Browne version but I am going to take a guess and say Tyler Ramsey. My only drawback on guessing him though is that his CD with this song was released in January not this past summer.

Brent Hope said...

Ooooo. Nice guess but...Wrong!

Jeremy said...

Uh....I know the song is on, "The Royal Tenenbaums."
I'm not sure who the new artist is though....I'm going to investigate, I'll be right back!

Jeremy said...

"These days" by Glen Campbell. Yes!!!
Didn't he sing "rhinestone cowboy"?

Lewis Family said...

Paul Westerberg's album Come Feel Me Tremble, Annie "St. Vincent" Clark's EP Paris is burning. Or Ohio singer songwriter Griffin House. Or SV singer songwriter Brent hope. Or Bon Jovi.