Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Woman climbs Galena Summit!!

This woman recently climbed to the top of the Galena Summit in Idaho. Actually she stood next to the road sign that says, "Galena Summit." This woman's name is "Ruth" and she accomplished this task wearing only the clothes that you see her pictured in. In fact...this photo was taken at the "Summit."

That's right. No crampons, no water bottle, no backpack, no ice pick, no muffler. Just her against the elements while happily humming the "Gumby" theme song.

Asked if she really climbed to the "Summit" in pink garden shoes, "Yup!" was her reply.

You might ask..."What about, Everest, McKinley or Rainier."


Galena Summit is 9 times higher than all of them. And this woman made it to the those shoes.
This is the woman's dog. "Arrow."

This is the woman's youngest daughter. "Penny."


Jeremy said...

Good job Ruth!

Your blog is rated PG-13 now with that picture of Arrow.

Jessumca said...

Doot! What a cute lady she is. And she WOULD sing the gumby theme song wouldn't she? lol that made me laugh. Mom is too cute!