Thursday, September 11, 2008

Favorite Swimming Hole Ever!

My favorite swimming hole as a youth. Looking eastward just off of the Saint Anthony city bridge in scenic Saint Anthony Idaho. This is the Herny's North Fork of the Snake River as it meanders through lava rock. The "sandbar" can be seen in the distance across the falls and river. The river here is narrow and deep! A fantastic place to swim

This is the famous Saint Anthony city bridge. With spectators on the left sitting on the rocks. Brent the younger is poised and ready to make the big leap to the water below. Brent is around 10 or 11 in this picture.


Jessumca said...

I want to go there right now! I agree with you that it is the best swimming hole ever! especially when you were there because you knew everything and everywhere cool.

jeremy said...

Ok, so I feel really lame that I grew up there and haven't jumped off the bridge. We need to do that soon.
If not soon, I'm free in about 6's perfect timing.