Friday, September 12, 2008

Brent Hope: Troubleshooter

Many of you Daily Item readers have requested that we post the "Omni Magazine: Troubleshooter" cover from way back in 94. It's taken some prodding, but we looked into the DI Vault and found some of the old manuscripts and photos taken from that era. For those of you who don't know what I'm referring to, I'm talking about when I invented the "teleoptical-microelectophlange." Years ahead of it's time. The "teleoptical-microelectrophlange" (TM) and it's cousin the "Phlendo-diaphram encabuloator" (PDE) enabled cable television viewers to watch TV without being watched back through the "Iris-opticaldenarude" (IO) device located on all cable set top boxes. As many of you know the "IO" allows cable tv operators, bill collectors, and technicians (not contractors) the ability to look in on people (through the set top converter) while they watch their cable television. My devices: the "TM" and "PDE" blocked the cableman's (or cablewoman's) video observation through the "IO." Instead of visually seeing inside of someones house, the "TM" and "PDE" would block the video and instead the "peeping-tom would see a kaleidoscope with thousands of 16bit color followed by a rather jolting shock to the observing person's optical orbit. Beautiful, painful and no more big brother watching in. A fantastic device that won me the prestigious "Gold Bowler Guy" trophy.

So...You asked for it.

Here for your viewing pleasure is the Omni Magazine Cover accompanied by the insert pictures from the article showing the four faces of a genius troubleshooter.


Aware that there is an anomaly. The troubleshooter begins to give 100% attention to the problem.
Using the dominate right eye which uses both sides of the brain, the troubleshooter gets closer.

Full focus now as the troubleshooter's wheels are spinning: Ready to solve.

Finally, the trick to all good troubleshooting. The "Chicken-Eye" glance. Looking 90 degrees at your object like a chicken-eye disengages the right and left brain and engages the "blenterior brain" to operate. This is how complex problems are solved and discoveries are made. Ask anyone that knows. They'll tell you. seems like yesterday.

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Jeremy said...

I'm not sure where you come up with this stuff but keep it up, it's hilarious!
I like the "chicken-eye" glance.