Monday, September 8, 2008

Busting through the Middle Ages

I had a nice visit to Tacoma recently. It was there that I got to visit with my three oldest daughters. They are all so wonderful. I love them!! For three nights I got to stay with Jessica and Travis Hatch and my grandson Thomas (and Speck the dog and Hope the Cat). It was delightful for me to stay with them. One night we invited my brother David and his girlfriend over and played Guitar Hero. Great fun.
I also had the opportunity to baptize a good former neighbor friend of ours while I was there. Sanford Marcellis McCleod asked me if I would do the honors for him. His wife Linda, grandson Kris, Kris's parents and a handful of folks from the Lincoln Ward attended. It was a spectacular event. I so much enjoyed being with Sanford and his wife Linda. These people are some of the best folks...ever.
In addition to these events, I also got to play golf with one of my very good friends, Mark Anderson on two different courses.
It was great to see these friends and family of mine.

This was the perfect trip to rid myself of "Senile Agitation." No drugs were necessary.

This weekend we had the Hatch's come to our house. They brought "Speck: The Dog" with them. As it turns out Speck will be staying with us through the first semester. He will be home schooled by me and my teaching assistant: Ruth M. Hope.
We also had my kid brother Jeremy and his family Saturday afternoon and night. Talk about great people. Jeremy and Becca have 4 amazing boys! They will all be pro football players. I just know it!

All of this action and excitement has stunted a bit of my right brain. I go through periods of creativity with "The Daily Item." Some days I have lots of ideas to post about. Sometimes I can't think of anything (my wife will attest to this). This feels like one of those times. This lack of creativity on my part also seems to coincide with me running out of chocolate pudding. The troubleshooter that I am says there is creativity in chocolate pudding.

Stand by for more creativity.

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jeremy said...

We had a great time at your house. After each visit Becka and I always talk about how much we love and miss you guys. By the way, I'm still sore from football, is that normal?

I feel your mental pain with the lack of ideas for your blog. I get the same thing. It's kinda like writer's block. I'm sure the pudding will help.