Thursday, September 4, 2008

I could be the greatest golfer..."That Ever Lived!"

OK let me see if I can explain this right the first time:
Stay with me!

Last Monday I beat my good friend Mark Anderson in Golf at Madrona Links Golf Course. Tuesday I beat him again out in Moses Lake at the Moses Pointe Golf Course.


Once upon a time Mark Anderson beat club pro Brittan Flendo in a Pro-Am.

Brittan Flendo beat Slugger McGraw in a Spanaway Lakes skins match.

Slugger McGraw beat Pudge Edgington in a 18 and under tourney in Flordia.

Pudge Edgington beat Kid Fury Johnson at the Elko Invitational.
Kid Fury beat Alejandro Sanchez in a Mexican resort town scramble qualifier.

Sanchez beat PGA Tour Golfer DeOgee Canine.

Canine beat Phil Michelson once at the Buick Invitational.

Phil has beaten Tiger.

Shoot, we all know who Tiger is.

According to my rational I would probably smoke Tiger Woods.


Jessumca said...

Wow Dad! I guess you probably are the greatest golfer WHO EVER LIVED! (jou should go pro!) Did you make up some of those names though??

jeremy said...

Hhahaha! You doofus! Is this the 20 degrees of beating Tiger Woods?

It's ok, I knew all along.

Mark Anderson said...

Usted es un dork.

Jeremy the Ames said...

This is my kind of logic. I'm pretty stoked to be a friend of the best golfer that ever live.