Monday, November 3, 2008

Can you tell me where the bathroom is?

I've never been to China. But I have had to use the bathroom real bad before. Ever have that sudden burst of "I've got to go RIGHT now" and the bathroom looks like it is this far away. Me too. Hate it.

Ever use those public restrooms where the toilet paper is the size of a saltine cracker and the dispenser only lets you get one little square at a time? Or how about the bargain toilet paper that I swear is made out of cheese grader material. Dang! Hate it.

Places not to go to the bathroom:
  • Target
  • Flying J (#1 is OK, they have the cool ads to read while your standing there.)
  • Anywhere in England or Mexico
  • Burger King (the restrooms are not King)
  • Any public High School
  • Any Asian restaurant (you know why)
  • Any Airport (if you have to use an airport not tap your foot!).
  • Auburn Super Mall (bad things, very bad things)
  • Woodland Park bathrooms. (never trust anyone loitering in the bathroom)
  • Construction site toilet. (not cool, you never know when someone is going to tip it over). Bad.
The Daily Item recommends these fine public restrooms.
  • McDonalds (you don't even have to order anything. Just run in (pun) and run out.
  • Sears Department Store (I was in looking for tools a little too long and then it was time. I was delighted by the nice quiet unused restroom.
  • Shell Gas. (typically small room, tile from ground to ceiling, locked doors and Muzak over the loudspeaker)
  • Just about any hotel. (Use and enjoy my friends. Most people here will use their room bathrooms).
I'm sure there are others. These are my staples however.


Jessumca said...

great picture of the toilet paper! where did you find that? i hate that terrible cheese grater paper too, and it is terrible in public bathrooms when the floor is wet and there is a pile of soaked toilet paper on the ground in the gross bathroom mystery water. ..and you can see it is still connected to the roll...bad bad times, but its too late to change to the next stall. ;)

Travis said...

places that travis endorses: cesars palace (they have quilted northern and HUGE stalls), macys, and basically any other department store similar to macys and sears.

Roo Roo's Corner said...

What in blue blazes is going on here?

Jeremy said...

As a former courier, I'm very experienced on this subject. When I started that job I quickly had to overcome my phobia of public bathrooms.

Some of my personal favs:

Marriott bathrooms
Downtown office buildings
Taco Del Mar

I know Taco Del Mar is a wierd choice but I've always been surprised with their tall toilets.

If you must go in an airport bathroom, use the family restroom. Just be prepared for dirty looks from frusterated passengers when you walk out with toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

Wendy said...

I would have a wee bit of a problem in China. If I have to go searching it usually doesn't turn out very pretty.

I'm actually a home girl and do everything in my power to hold it til then. But if you have to go...I've decided a pocket of clorox wipes makes me feel little better about the situation. I'm glad we can talk about anything around here.

Roo Roo's Corner said...

Oh you can indeed talk about anything...Sit down, take a load off. Put you're feet up and tune into the Daily Item.

Thanks for all your comments Wendy!

Brent Hope said...

Oops Wendy! I made the last comment not Ruthie! She was still logged into my machine.