Friday, November 7, 2008

Daily Item Random Quiz #11

I see what you're looking at. You want the dough don't you. Yesssirree. Big Donuts. One Million Donuts!

One Million Daily Item Dollars are at stake in today's contest. What can you do with One Million Daily Item Dollars?? Shoot...for One Million Daily Item Dollars you can come to Hailey (Sun Valley) and stay with the Hope's! Included in the stay will be fantastic food from Roo's Kitchen and a nice comfy trundle bed and/or huge beanbag that you and your kids/spouse can sleep on.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to win One Million Daily Item Dollars.

Here's today's Random Quiz:

1. Name the encampment/village below.
2. Name the metropolitan in which this place is located
3. Tell me why it is important to: not depreciate non-taxable items brought forth from the previous tax year. (kidding)

Good Luck annnnnnd GO!

Click on picture to enlarge


wendy said...

This is the place my friend!!!
Salt Lake City at it's best.
By the way you look good on money.

Krysten & David said...

Hmm, something in me wants to disagree with the previous comment. I want to say that its a painting on Winters Quarters, which would be in Omaha Nebraska.

Sonja said...

Well...I'm taking a risk, because we really need that miilion dollars, but I would have to say...

I agree with Krysten. Winter Quarters, Omaha Nebraska.

(The guys loading up the dead in the wagon at the top of the hill and the river with no mountains gave it away)

Who is the artist? Is it Christensen?

I hope we win!!