Monday, November 10, 2008

Beloved Friends

We have been blessed with really good friends. Occasionally our good friends come to Sun Valley and visit us. Such was the case this last weekend as we were fortunate to have: Anna, Claire, Elise, Sam, Sonja and Jeremy Ames come and stay with us. Our entire family loves the Ames and we are grateful for their friendship!

Group picture! Count the Lolipops!

Elise with our great big cat "chocolate."

We were treated to exceptional theatre Sunday evening.

The cast included:

Sam Ames - The King
Penny Hope - The Servant
Jacob Hope - The Knight
Claire Ames - The pretty girl
Elise Ames - The Ferocious Lion!


Roo Roo's Corner said...

Everyone performed so well! We love having the Ames visit!

Jessumca said...

I miss the Ames! You are so lucky you had them visit! Mom is looking skinny minny! Chocolate on the other hand looks like a cow!