Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Snow in the Valley

It's that time of year again. Pretty soon the big snow will be here and Skiers and Snowboarders will show up from all over the place. Skiing is a big deal here and there is a buzz in the air as Sun Valley likes to open their gates by Thanksgiving. Last winter we had more snow here than I had ever seen in my entire lifetime. This year is supposed to be very similar to last

This picture is looking up Bald Mountain (Sun Valley)

Looking slightly NW out of Ketchum

Obviously this will mean no more tennis until spring.


Roo Roo's Corner said...

I never heard of a tennis cat:) Nice pics!

Jeremy said...


Sun Valley is so pretty in the snow. It looks like a big white blanket.

Wendy said...

So that's how they play tennis in Sun Valley. I bet the cats are excited for winter. The mountains are gorgeous covered in snow. We also had one of the best winters we've had in many years. Here's to another!!!

Jessumca said...

very lovely. i want it to snow here! i doubt that we'll get it though. :( but thats ok, i'll just call mom and tell her to describe what its like. ;)