Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ketchum Krud

I've been sick the last 4 days. Seeking a priesthood blessing I invited some men over to administer to my sick self. Before the blessing My friend Kary Yates announced to me that I had the "Ketchum Krud." A nasty condition that awaits most newcomers to the valley, he described the symptoms in detail (it sounded a lot like the common cold). Anyway... this nice person brought his own home remedy for me to take. He even made it for me. The contents were this: Idaho Bee Honey and Lemon Juice. You combine those two ingredients and heat to 900 Kelvin (dang hot!). Then drink. I did. Tart and Tasty I must say. "oh and drink this..." he said. As he handed me a bottle of Nyquil! I puckered through the entire blessing.


Jessumca said...

oh poor daddy. :( i hope you feel better soon. i can't help but think that the cat you posted is exactly what sammy would look like if we were to find her right now.

Jeremy said...

Get to feeling better buddy. That Nyquil is miracle medicine as far as I'm concerned.

wendy said...

That Ketchum Krud does strange things to a man's features!! I can't quite put my finger on it but I think you look a titch more hairy than usual. I hope you kick that K.K.K.! (The last K stands for Kwick of course.) Just don't kick it this direction. Good luck with the recovery!!