Monday, November 10, 2008

Actress in a Romantic Leading Role: And the winner is...

It's Major Award Time on The Daily Item.

Watching a certain movie last night I was reminded of some of my favorite female leads in the movies. I've decided to put together a short list of nominees for my favorite actress in a lead role and have a winner declared here on the Daily Item.

Nominee #1: Olivia Newton John - Grease

Ok, I'll take a lot of heat from my wife on this. But hey, Olivia Newton-John is great in this film. Sweet accent, great singer and well...duh, pretty. I know a lot of people that like this movie and I know a lot of women that hate it. The women I've talked to don't like how Sandy goes from prim and proper to wearing leather at the end of the movie to get her man. What these sweet ladies don't catch on to is rough acting Danny Zuko loses the leather and dons a letter sweater to catch her! Trust'll work out.

Nominee #2: Julie Christie - Heaven Can Wait

As a 9th grader we went and saw this film with my Teachers quorum. At the time there could be no better movie ever. Football guy meets girl in trouble. Watching this movie in 1978 I was thinking...Oh - My - Gosh! This is the best!
Julie Christie had found success in the movie Dr. Zhivago. A tedious movie that had "somewhere my love" playing in every single scene. Aaaaaaggghhhh! If it wasn't for the cinematography this film would have wreaked. However in Heaven Can Wait she played "Teacher lady" from Pagleshem England. Infuriated that ExoGray Industries was building a nuclear plant in her village which would displace hundreds she travels to the US to meet with the CEO of ExoGray who happens to be Leo Farnsworth. Who...had really been drowned by his wife and her lover but the spirit of this "football guy" who had accidentally died to soon because his escort pulled him out of mortality too soon because he thought "it would hurt" had been put into his body before he actually died. Whew.... get any of that? Anyway, "late 70's Farah Fawcett hair" good acting, sweet accent and being pretty put Julie Christie on the list

Nominee #3: Donna Reed - It's a Wonderful Life

Holy Cow. Without question the most beautiful woman in Hollywood history is without a doubt Donna Reed (with Grace Kelly coming in a close second). When we first see Donna's character "Mary"in this film she is a little girl possibly 10 years old. She whispers into "George's (James Stewart) bad ear, "George Bailey, I'll love you till the day I die!" Of course George doesn't hear it. The second time we see Mary she is in a crowd at the dance. She has just been introduced as some guy's "kid sister." The camera pans to her and what we behold his shear feminine beauty! It's Mary caught slightly off guard as she meets the man of her dreams George Bailey. The look on her face is extraordinary. Later as a wife and mother of several children she does and says the things that good mom's and wife's say and do. She ultimately saves the day. She's an inspiration that parallels my own circumstance.

Nominee #4: Eve - Wall-E

OK, odd I know to have a droid as a nominee. But hey, her gender was obvious and there will never, ever be a female droid in a major motion picture as good as this little gun carrying droid. Eve is all business as she is sent to Earth to investigate for any signs of life. There is no human life but she does meet up with another droid who guessed it: Male in gender and hopefully romantic, possibly even a little co-dependant. So in this movie you have Eve: who is super talented, tough, smart and really pretty with crescent shaped eyes when happy. Then you have Wall-E who is somewhat cloddish and possibly co-dependent. Sound remotely familiar??
There is a scene in this movie where Wall-E is presumed dead and Eve is looking over him all sad. She says, "Wall-E!" and something else but I can never hear what she says because I'm CRYING TOO LOUD! I've seen the film twice. Cried both times. Yeah I know. Freaking pathetic.

And for the Best Actress in a Romantic Leading Role and winner of the Daily Item "World on his Shoulders" Award!...

Eve! From: Wall-E!


Jeremy said...

Blast! I'm missing out, I need to see Wall-E.

Jessumca said...

I loved EVE too. very good choice for your top. :)

Roo Roo's Corner said...

I still can't figure you out dear;)

wendy said...

I haven't see it yet . . . but I'm going to trust you on this one. I think it was the obvious female attraction that swayed your vote (unless it was her guns!?!). I recognize the crescent shaped eyes, they remind me of your sweetheart!! Who ironically has a soft spot for romantic, somewhat cloddish, and possibly co-dependent guys. You know... if you know any guys like that and all.

Jeremy said...

Was somebody calling me? Wait...nevermind.