Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pro Skateboarders in H-Town!

Please answer the following True or False

1.  Hailey Idaho is home to a nationally renowned skateboard park:

  • True
  • False

If you said "false" then you are incorrect.

As it turns out, Hailey has a fantastic skateboard park that has attracted the likes of Tony Hawk (Yes...THAT Tony Hawk!).  A couple of Saturdays ago, professional skateboarders converged on Hailey to give the locals a little taste of the "real deal."

I'll have to admit having never seen pro skateboarders live before; I was blown away by their athleticism and agility.  I found myself cheering out loud (too loud, as in everyone stopped and looked at me cheering too loud).  OK, so I was a geek watching the skateboarders for the first time.  You all know I'm a clod.

After watching these amazing skaters I can only say:

Skateboarding is not a crime!


Jeremy said...

When I'm at home channel surfing on a Saturday afternoon, I find myself stopping on a channel with skateboarding or BMXers. I've learned to appreciate the athleticism and agility you speak of.
I saw Tony Hawk do a 900. It was gnarly!!

wendy said...

I actually guessed TRUE... the title kind of swayed me. If you and Jeremy could each manage a 450 think what you could do together. Tony Hawk watch out!!

Jeremy said...

I can't even stand on a skateboard. This isn't a joke or anything, just a complete fact.