Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ode to Bloggers


To all my blogging friends:

Blog away and don't get hurt!!


wendy said...

I thought this was a family show!!

Alas... I'll continue to read!! Y'all forge ahead with strength, and may the force be with you!! The good force that is... not the bloody eye popping force.

Brent Hope said...

I'm sorry to be so offensive Wendy. It's probably the left over NyQuil.

Sonja said...

What in blue blazes is going on here?

Jeremy said...

Did Jake make that video???

kristi bisti said...

are we not blogging friends?


Brent Hope said...

Sorry Kristi Bisti!!! I was changing my blog around and I lost all my prior information. I'll put you on immediately!!