Monday, August 3, 2009

Ix-nay on the Oke-Cay equals a disciplined Ex.

If you will remember, the current global economic crisis was started when I stopped drinking Coke and Diet Coke precisely 10 months ago at 3:00AM of October 9th. I had put so much money in Coke's pocket over the years that when I quit, all that money Coke was used to getting stopped and Coke's stock fell. One thing led to another and the market snowballed and crashed (all because of me).

I've been "mostly sober" for the last 10 months or so.

"Mostly Sober" you ask?

-confession- Well, there were exactly 2 (two-week (as in too weak)) periods that I fell off of the caffeinated drink "wagon" in the last 10 months. Those two week binges coincided exactly with my wife leaving the house for personal vacation.

Both times my wife was in Utah without me. And both times I gave in.

Interesting huh?

As soon as she left town it was like the "Coke Demon" came calling.

"oh Brentie...Drink me!!" She hissed. So I did.

I have a hard time when I'm alone with the Coke Demon.


The Coke was good for a couple of hours but then...the dreaded "caffeine-bonk" would kick in.
Perhaps you know the "bonk" I'm talking about. It's where you decide to drink another Coke because you've crashed a bit and now your tired. Ten Cokes later your riding the Coke snake.
(Hello! bags under the eyes!)

Terrible cycle I must say.

Here's what I think:

I think my caffeine problems = X.
You see if, "X = Issues" then I propose everyone has "X" and if left unchecked and undisciplined X can run and ruin your life.

X is different for different people.

The trick for me is to stay away from X. It's bad to give in to X but I'm comfortable knowing what my "X" is and talking about it seems to help.

It's either talk about it or keep my wife chained to the house.



Jeremy said...

Two bad weeks in the last 10 months is pretty good. Consider me the opposite. I've had two good weeks with no caffeine in the last 10 months.
For me Coke is like the gateway caffienated beverage. One day I have a Coke then the next I'm sucking down Full Throttles and Monsters. It's rough out there.

wendy said...

Way to open up about your "X"...
after much thought and serious contimplation I have the perfect solution for ya... handcuff yourself to Ruth and come to UTAH!! We don't bite... most of the time.

Sonja said...

I totally agree with wendy.