Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jacob D. Hope: Truly one of the great ones!!

Twice in the last month I've caught my son Jacob in the act of praying. The first time was at our father and sons camp-out. The second time was when I accidently barged into his bedroom at home. Both times I caught him, he was kneeling next to his bed solemnly busy communicating to our Heavenly Father.

I suspect Jake has no idea what kind of teacher and/or influence he has over his father.

Turning away from Jake on both occasions I was penetrated by this thought: "Got Faith?"

I reflected on my own faith and spirituality and realized that I could be much closer to Heavenly Father. I could pray more fervently, more sincerely, more formally and more often.

Both instances made me realize that the real teachers in the world, like Jake, live by example. As it turns out, the example of others is my preferred way of learning.

When I watch others whom I admire, it isn't long before something inside me says, "You should strive to be like that." As I listen, and try to improve, I feel comfort; then the same voice says, "Nice. Keep up the good work."

All because of example.

Thanks Jake!

Here's to you!

(Scoutmaster: Travis Smart, Varsity coach: Travis Hatch and 1st Class Scout: Jacob Hope)

We went to Jake's court of honor last night where he received his 1st Class advancement in Scouting.

Jake at the father and sons camp-out

Jake with his biggest fan


Alligator Larsen said...

Not to mention he did a fantastic job on our lawn today!!! AND he makes really cool movies with clay!!! AND he is patient with small children!!! AND he is kind!!! AND he is friendly!!! AND . . . he's a great kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've said it once, and I'll say it one hundred times more . . . WE LOVE THE HOPE FAMILY!!!!

Roo Roo's Corner said...


Jeremy said...

Great post! Jake truely is inspiring. I hope to see more of those clay animation videos soon.

Also, I noticed you are one post away from having 20 posts this month. You should get an award! I'm thinking an ice cream cone with TWO scoops.

wendy said...

actually.... Jake's kindness stood out like a ji-normous slice of the great wall of chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate cream filling when he was here visiting. I actually invited him to come live with us. ahhhhh maybe someday... we haven't lost HOPE!! Awesome post.

Graham Crackers said...

ok, Lance just got home and asked me to comment for him about the picture of Wolverine...No, sorry...Travis, Jake and the other Travis guy. He said, "Those have to be the ugliest 'Sisters in Zion' he has ever seen."
By the way, we think Jake is awesome too! Love ya!