Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brentie's artistic expression

All of my children are exceptional artists. Their artistic mediums range from pencil, paint and clay to string and wind instruments. Elise, Jess, Amber, Brent, Sarah, Jake and Penny are multi-mediumed artists. Anything they touch generally turn to beautiful expressive pieces of art (at least in my eyes. And really that is all that matters because it is, "all about me.")

In an attempt to keep up with their breathtaking pieces of art expression I have gone ahead and thrown down the artistic gauntlet in an attempt to compete with them.

I'm sure my work will surpass anything in their lifetimes.

The medium? My hair.

You likey?

I knew you would.


Jeremy said...

Uhhhhhhh...Next I want you to do a drum set.

Brent Hope said...

I know Jerm. Here's the progression:

1. Rain filled skies for more than 24 hours.
2. Mild depression set in.
3. Bad posts
4. Continued Rain see number 2/If not go on.
5. Blue skies
6. Depression flees.
7. Good post.

Jeremy said...

What? I haven't seen a bad post from you yet.
For some reason when I look at this picture of you, I see a hint of Christopher Reeve in there (excluding the hair). Must be those blue eyeballs.

Allison said...

We love the Hope Family and all the artisticness that oozes from you all!!!

wendy said...

Wow... You have soooo got it!! You artsy-fartsy leader of the Hope pack!! I am very impressed. It is easy to see where everyone gets it from.