Friday, August 14, 2009

Optical Illusion!

DO NOT hurt yourself looking at this optical illusion!
Pretty cool really


wendy said...

grab another tissue Jessica!!
so at first I don't see them... then I do... then I try see what I saw at the beginning, you know uncrossing my eyes and in my peripheral vision there are starving fish swimming on the right hand side.... I'll send you the bill!!

Brent Hope said...


I'll take care of the bill. You will need to hand delivery it however to Hailey Idaho with the rest of your family. Processing will take 3 days.

wendy said...

niiiiice!!! i do think this could be settled calmly and ractionally in a quaint little booth... table for 4 at a certain little mexicana restaurante'. I'm bi-lingual and bi-culteral as well. We're on our way!!