Monday, October 27, 2008

Record Speed Trip to Utah

We had nice weekend trip to Utah.

As always our visits are blazing fast. I apologize to all the folks we visited that we couldn't stay longer.

Our targeted friends were:



Yes, lots of Mitchells to see in the Beehive state. We did visit everyone targeted. Two of my favorite foods were made and given to me, Chocolate Almond Toffee and Chocolate, peanut butter, coconut haystacks. Thank you Wendy Mitchell and Sonja Ames!
My problem with these treats are similar in nature to the death my goldfish "Mr. Happy Pants" suffered. I just keep eating!! I kind of feel like Violet Beauregard on Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Oh well, it's happy misery!

On our way out of town we decided to go I80 through Wendover and Wells and Jackpot Nevada. This route took us through the Bonneville Salt Flats; fascinating place!

Land speed record set here in 1970. 622mph! Can you imagine the home teaching visits you could go through traveling that fast?

Penny's cute foot!!

Underneath the salt is very saline water.

Salt expanse.


PixelFish said...

Which Mitchells? And how is everybody? :)

Everytime you talk about Aunt Wendy's candy, I get horrible cravings. It's terribly unfair of you to luxuriate in the candy bounty and then flaunt it on your blog. You are an EVIL uncle. EVIL.

Jessumca said...

I agree. I wish you wouldn't boast about that fabulous food YOU get to eat. :( Those salt flats are amazing! really cool to look at!

Roo Roo's Corner said...

It was a great trip. We saw Grandma and Grandpa, Ken and Shelly, Jeff and Sharranne, Ron and Wendy. Lots of Mitchells:) Everyone is doing great!

Wendy said...

So instead of going to church with us you went and played around on salt. I see how it is. At least we were all four of the Mitchell's mentioned as you blazed through. ;o) (I'm sure I saw you at least 4 times.)
Thanks for fixing my TV!!
(Love Your Guts)