Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The PC is Dead to me.

I have been converted. I joined the true church of technology which is Apple 18 months ago and I must say it's a nice place to be. Apple's products have long been legendary. I've had an iPod for sometime now. Can you even name another MP3 player within 3 seconds? Try it...go...1,2,3 TIME. See, I knew you couldn't do it. OK so there's the pretender Zune by Microsoft. But what do you have after that? Nada.
I've discovered the same difference between PC notebooks and the all and powerful Macbook Pro. The Macbook pro is fantastic in it's reliability. The battery life is great. Smart and efficient can best be used to describe it's operating system. There are no better operating systems out there.
We've been without windows in our home for over 6 months now. We do run Linux's offering of Ubuntu on our underpowered home PC. Ubuntu is open source, free and kind of cool but it's like owning a car that is a hybrid. Cool to say you have, but's heinous.

Mark Anderson told me that by the end of 2005 he'd be Microsoft free in his home. I couldn't believe that statement as Mark and I had built numerous PC machines together. Nope, he said he was done with Microsoft and Apple had won his heart. I refused to believe.

But even a couple of years before that a fellow by the name of Jeremy Ames had purchased a fine Mac and was calling me all the way from Provo to tell me how great the software Garage Band was. He said that Apple was superior. I was slightly offended.

I've always known Apple users and thought they were nice people. Like everyone else I thought they were unusual with their headphones plugged in, head swaying back and forth. But they did have a certain groove about them. You could call it, "peculiar."

I never really gave it much thought until my RCA 32mb MP3 player keeled over and died. It was this grieving death that brought me into association with the "Apple Store" and it's fine array of MP3 players. I went in to the store with the idea that I'd just humor everyone and listen to the Apple discussions. By the end of my visit though something inside me had changed. Music never sounded finer than through an ipod!

I got busy and didn't think to much about Apple. Didn't listen to the iPod as much as I should have. I drifted. particular gloomy winter, in the middle of 100 straight days of rain in the Pacific Northwest, I said to myself, "Something has to be done." I headed down to Southcenter Mall to drown my sorrows in an Orange Julius when through the corner of my eye I saw the Apple store. I was busy...but I had to just stop in and see. I popped my head inside just to catch a whiff of the technology then this nice clean cut person asked me if I was looking for anything special. Dumbfounded and feeling out of place I just kind of mumbled, "quell I, uh harlsburgh mmmmf."

"Come on in." The person said. felt so right, so I did.
Well dogone it one thing led to another and I ended up purchasing the Macbook Pro with a bunch of cool peripherals and extra software.

My life has never been the same. I've stopped using the W word completely and I'm no longer a 24/7 gamer. Sure it sounds like my new beliefs have restrictions but really, now I have more freedom.

I love it so much that in December...I'm going to get the 24inch iMac. Pretty much the pinnacle of our beliefs.

And even though Mark and Jerm weren't there for my conversion I suspect in there own way they planted the seeds that would one day produce an Apple.


Jessumca said...

DAD! you are so funny. what a touching story about apple products. maybe the purpose of your blogging was to help others to see the light. maybe i'm destined to convert to apple myself... ;)

jeremy the ames said...

Welcome, brother.

Jeremy said...

When I started seeing those mac commercials with Justin Long in them, I became a believer.

Roo Roo's Corner said...

Very lovely!

Sonja said...

The funniest part is, that your face looks so natural on Napoleon's head.