Saturday, October 18, 2008

Counselor in the Relief Society

It's Saturday in Idaho...

I see my wife begin to get a "pinched" look.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"Nothing." She says.
"C'mon, baby tell me what's wrong." I urge soothingly.
"NOTHING!" She states firmly.
I give her "the look" that I always give her when she won't tell me something. Because....I know.
Finally she gives in. "Well, I've got these Relief Society fliers and sign-up sheets to make...."
"Relax baby....I've got it." I boast. "I will make those fliers for you." I say.
She just looks at me with that "Quizzical Wow" look. That look that says, "you haven't done the dishes in 14 years and now you want to make my RS fliers?" You guys know what I'm talking about.
"Uh huh...oh yeah." I nod.
An hour later I finish the project on my Macbook Pro and she loves it. In fact, she is all over me like Bees on Honey.

Or in this instance...Ruth on Honey.


Jessumca said...

you are hilarious. i love stories like this. :) tell mom we were twins because i had to make fliers today too!

Sonja said...


jeremy the ames said...

too much information

PixelFish said...


Wendy said...

I am way impressed!! You should deliver them know wearing a suit like that and all. I bet it even gives you super powers and you could even deliver fliers in Utah. Maybe you could even be the next counselor in RS. Okay...calm down infinity and beyond!! (I know wrong show.) ;O)