Thursday, October 16, 2008

Music Quiz # 42

Here's a song that brings back a ton of memories for me. My Dad and Uncle used to listen to this one all the time. This song is a mild family favorite. I say mild because every trip we go on as a family I make a CD full of music to listen to while travelling. The songs that the family can't stand on these trip Cd's we skip over while driving. The one's we like we let play. Thus they become "mild favorite."

This artist has a bunch of songs like this one on a similar theme. The title of the song will be easy to distinguish but what do you know about the artist?


Jeremy the Ames said...

Don't know his name (I suppose I could google him), but he was a guest star on the Muppet Show and sang that song and others. Wasn't he the voice of the rooster/narrator (who's name I forget but was the name of Christian Stater's character in the Costner Robin Hood) on Disney's Robin Hood? So...there, a lot of vague bits of info that I'm too lazy to look up.

Roo Roo's Corner said...

Good times!

Lewis Family said...

Mac Davis