Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beautiful Girl of the Day!

The girl with the flower is my lovely daughter Elise. She came to our family back in 1985 by the "usual method." She was our first baby.
This is her sweet and kind husband.
This is what she wants every year for Christmas.

Independent, independent, independent describes Elise. Not afraid to do anything by herself and very intelligent. In fact, at times I would joke with my CATV colleagues, "Do you want my daughter Elise to come down here and solve our problem?" I can just imagine her saying to my colleagues, "Do you think the co-channel problem is a result of poor isolation from a city peg channel?" We all scratch our chins and nod slowly up and down.

Elise can do anything she wants. There are no roadblocks. If I told her right now that I need 2000 30-weight ball-bearings she'd be out the door looking for them. She would not even know what they are or where to get them. But she would get them and she'd get them quick. Not only would she return with ball-bearings she'd also bring back a "get one free" coupon for me and a bouquet of flowers for her mother.

If I told her about rack and pinion steering she'd troubleshoot potential problems with it.

Really amazing, she is.

We love, love, love our oldest daughter. She is so bright and cheerful. I conclude this mini-tribute with a pictures of items that Elise had unique names for as a little girl. We still refer to these things by the names Elise tagged them with.

Yupplane = Airplane
Pointing skyward, "Look at the yupplane!"

Gumulah = Ice cream
Pointing at the carton she would say, "I want gumulah."

Bilah = Spider
"Dad, kill the bilah!"

Dada (pronounced Dayday) = Jessica (I still use Dada because of Elise)
"Dada got gone in a twister!"


Roo Roo's Corner said...

You're right! She is "all that":) Nice tribute!!!!!!

Jessumca said...

she just had a sleep over with my Thomas too! she can do anything.