Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pictures with a crappy camera phone

Last Friday I drove to Seattle/Tacoma/Lakewood/Lk.Kachess to visit family. As per usual it was a whirlwind trip with not enough time for me to even charge my camera. So, without a good camera I took the following 11 pictures with my crappy camera phone.

So to use the snappy and popular overused vernacular of the day: "It is what it is."

Brent next to a Ford GT in Issaquah.

Amber and Bing, er...Brent

We went to a Tacoma Rainiers game with Dave and his lovely girlfriend (soon to be "ball and chain) Kristi Bisti
Brent and Brent

We brought Kris McCleod with us and he snagged a foul ball!

Elise is a great cook!! She made me this omelette and yummy potatoes!

I had a submarine sandwich at Elise's house and can you believe it, Michael Jackson appeared in the condiments on my sandwich??? Trippy, I know.
Kind of looks like Weird Al too!

Speaking of Weird Al (nice transition) Here's a picture of Monica Ripley.
Around her (not weird) are: L-R - Kelli, Nicole and Megan.
These gals sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus" in the most beautiful harmony.
Pretty dang talented young ladies here (must get it from their father).

ah yes, the classic blurry phone camera picture.
Nicole Ripley and Brent

Scean had a wound on his nose. Here's a picture of Megan getting ready to pull the bandage off.

Here's the after picture.

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wendy said...

Fun to see your trip!
I think Brent is the next Magnum PI... and what's with the "ball and chain" comment? HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!!! You're going to scare Dave.