Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Colon Test Results = New Lease on Life

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That's right Daily Item readers, my colonoscopy report came back and I passed with flying colors.

My colon gets an A+, +, +, +, +.

As in, my colon is THE model colon of the planet.

As in, mine is the colon others can only strive to be like.

As in, my colon may be chosen as the "poster-colon" of the AMAA.

As in, UCLA would like my colon donated to science when I die.

As in, The Smithsonian would like to borrow it to and take it on tour across America.

Enough, enough of my colon boasting.

These test results have brought me a new jubilant zest for life. Naturally. So in a haste I decided to spring for a new outfit (pictured above). Ruth would not wear hers so I gave it to my sister in-law Wendy who is displaying it proudly (er, thanks Wendy). Nothing could feel better than the exuberance I feel when I wear my terry cloth man suit. You'd be a fool not to join me.



Graham Crackers said...

Dang, Ruthie is so lucky...a hot man WITH a great colon! Some girls have all the luck!

Jeremy said...

"colon boasting" Sounds like a good band name to me.

Up next on the Tonight Show to perform their smash hit single, "model colon of the planet", Colon Boasting!!!

Brent Hope said...

Stadium filler...I know.

wendy said...

WOW!!! Being related has its privledges. Exuberance is an understatement!!!

I think the key word Jeremy used there was "single"!!

What is everyone waiting for.... there is the order form. Join the celebration and get one today!!

Brent Hope said...

Wendy...I've just doubled your salary.

Roo Roo's Corner said...

You have an unusual sense of humor. Oddly enough I find the terri outfits rather attractive.

wendy said...

rrrrrrrrrrrrr Brent... there you have it, Ruth digs your new outfit. I'd order one in each color if I were you. After all it makes the MOST of your bod! So the guys version is called a "corvette" oh my, double rrrrrr rrrrrr. Love the advertising on this gem.