Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Five Hope Girls in H-Town!

We have had the good fortune of having Elise and Amber visit us this weekend.  With them visiting we were finally able to get a picture of all 5 Hope girls in one sitting.  

Here they are in full splendor!

Click on pictures to enlarge.

From Left to Right: Jessica Hatch, Elise Reagan, Ruth Hope, Amber Hope, Sarah Hope
and Penny

Penny, Jessica, Elise, Amber and Sarah
Quite beautiful don't you think?  See any resemblance between the girls?

Left to right by their pet names given to them by their father: 
Seabou (Sarah), 
Dayday-Louise (Jessica), 
Riff-Raff (Penny(as named by Brent III)), 
Beaser (Elise), 
Jayno (Amber- Jayne is her middle name)!


Allison said...

Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!!!

btw - Jessica, I LOVE your skirt!!!!

wendy said...

Let's see...
darling, darling, darling, darling, and oh yes... darling!!

How way fun to have them all together.