Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Scientific Method and You!

Many (if not most) in the scientific community argue against the existence of a God. Their proof (or lack of) is predicated through results of the scientific method. While the “scientific method” may assist in proving collectively that there is no God, individually the scientific method can be used to prove that there is indeed a God.

Let’s make our own experiment:

Regardless of how you believe now, let’s go out on a limb and make the assumption first that there is a God. Further, let’s make the assumption that this God knows us personally and knows our weaknesses and strengths. Lastly let’s make an assumption that not only does God exist and that he knows us but also that there is a divine plan instituted (by him) that when practiced will provide joy and peace in this life and lead to life eternal with Him after this life.

So we’ve made the assumption that these things are real, now wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could actually know that they are real? Of course it would! Who wouldn’t want to be guided and directed by a loving God that knows us personally?

It is expedient and most necessary that if we are going to use the scientific method in order to prove a hypothesis (that God lives) that we must research for ourselves the data given us. Our research for this experiment involves reading the words from a great Prophet who lived in ancient America nearly 2100 years ago whose name was Alma.

Alma’s words are here: Alma's experiment (Click to read) primarily verses 21-42.

To paraphrase:

➢ Alma teaches the poor and lowly of heart.
➢ Lowly of heart is good as it humbles us to a state where we can learn.
➢ Faith is: A hope for things which are not seen which are true.
➢ Alma asks the lowly of heart to make an experiment upon his words. An experiment that can provide a sure knowledge.
➢ Alma likens the “word” unto a seed that we must give place and plant in our hearts. That if we do not cast the seed out and resist the Spirit of the Lord we will feel it “begin to swell” within our breasts.
➢ After feeling the swelling we will realize the seed to be good because it, “beginneth to enlighten” our understanding. It becomes delicious to us.
➢ Feeling these things will increase our faith because we can “feel” that it is right.
➢ Alma then says, if we continue to nurture the seed (praying, listening, reading and doing the word) we can gain a sure or perfect knowledge.
➢ After doing this experiment with proof in his bosom Alma proclaims, “Is this not real?”

Once we have performed the experiment we can know of a surety that God is real. In fact, the knowledge gained from this experiment will be undeniable. Pretty powerful huh? How would you like to have an undeniable confirmation that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, that the Book of Mormon and Holy Bible are true? Further, that there is a plan for you that will set you on a collision course with greatness! You can know through the scientific method as described by the ancient American Prophet Alma.

I have done the experiment myself. I have known hundreds of others who have done the experiment. Through this experiment I can testify that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ and that the good news of this message is that we can repent and change from our old ways and be spiritually reborn. I testify that the true gospel of Jesus Christ (the plan of happiness discussed earlier) was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. I testify that there is a Prophet on the earth today whose name is Thomas S. Monson. You will testify of these things if you perform the experiment.

We can receive peace and assurance that God lives. We can pray to God and ask for help and receive it. We can be directed to happiness if we act and listen. Lastly we can know of a surety that these thing are real through our own experiment is my testimony in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Roo Roo's Corner said...

This is the best blog you have done! I have done the experiment and know these things too! Anyone can find out if they want to:) It is real!

Lincoln Cannon said...

In addition to applying the scientific method to verify experience of the immanence of God on an individual basis, we can also look to contemporary science and technological trends to provide objective grounds for trusting in the existence of God. Check out the New God Argument:


wendy said...

Amen! It is actually quite easy to see and feel the love of God in our lives. You just have to look... and many times you don't have to look very far.
Wise men still seek Him!!

Jessumca said...

i love your post. and i know the experiment works too! i guess i'm just lucky that you knew those things and taught them to us. :)