Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The NyQuil Experience

When I sleep at night I have a variety of dreams. We'll call them "Dream Genres."
Typical is the the "pointless" genre. You know those dreams: A snake riding a bicycle wearing a vest.

Not so typical is the "poignant" genre. These dreams are metaphoric in nature. I rarely understand them until I explain them to Ruth (the local dream interpreter). Gently she breaks it to me that the meaning of these dreams is that, "You've been a dummy...please stop."

Then there's the "falling" genre, where you lose your balance and fall off the Empire State Building or Grand Canyon or something insanely high.

There's the awful, "I'm running away from you my entire dream" genre.

And the rotten, "Someone in the family is getting hurt" genre.

But the one I want to discuss today is the "NyQuil Experience" genre. These dreams occur when I am sick and am compelled to drink NyQuil. In the other genres, color is never the emphasis. In the NyQuil dreams color is the emphasis. Below are illustrations that I have found that perfectly represent what I see in my NyQuil dreams.

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Quite vivid, these dreams appear to me as I sleep very heavy. For years I was unaware that these dreams had meaning. Recently I placed these pictures in front of my wife (like psychological ink blotters) for her discernment. I was so interested in what these dreams could mean. Perhaps wealth? Fame? Success? Promotion?" What could they mean?? Without expression she looked at all of them for a few moments. Then looking at me over the top of her reading glasses perched at the end of her nose she said, "You've been a dummy...please stop."


Jessumca said...

mom is too cute and funny! its very interesting that you dream crazy when you take nyquil...

Roo Roo's Corner said...

I never really called you a dummy

wendy said...

Thanks for a good laugh right before I dose off to my own little dreaming genre's. Wow that's kind of a big word for me.

You had me on the edge of my seat wondering what it all could mean.... Personal fortune telling coming in through the magic Nyquil... and then I laughed. I'm sorry, I did.

Don't give up big guy... keep on dreaming... Ruth is going to make something of those dreams one of these days.