Friday, December 12, 2008

Brent III Takes it to the Pocatello Indians

The picture below is from the Idaho Mountain Express, the local newspaper of our valley.

Clive Brent Hope, a 6-2 Wood River senior, drives into a swarm of Pocatello players, from left, Colter Morton, Zac Korrell and Shae Andrews, during Wednesday’s game. Photo by David N. Seeli

From the Small World File:

The varsity head coach for Pocatello High School is the son in-law of Bishop Fred Claridge from the Lincoln Ward in Tacoma Washington. I was able to visit with the coach and his sweet wife (Fred's daughter and Krysten's sister) before the game and had a very nice visit. He is a very good person and runs a great program. I let him know that Brent III and I were home teachers to the Claridge family for many years. It was great to talk with them about Fred and Marjorie (hero's of mine). My thanks goes to Krysten Butterfield for letting me know about her brother in-law Coach.


Krysten & David said...

That is a great shot of Brent! Famous guy you have on your hands there.
My sister called to tell me that she ran into you. Do you know she had no clue you had a kid on the team! I LOL at her. Now I will have to send her a link and say see its that guy towering over all of your guys.

Brent Hope said...

Thanks so much for the update on your family. It was soooo nice to visit them. Your sister is a great person.

Jessumca said...

good job brentjamin! ;) i mean brent. very handsome picture. i wish i could go to a game!

wendy said...

Way to be fearless Brent and dive right in to the swarm of Pocatatoes!!! Awesome shot!!
So who won the game? Wish we could have been there.