Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dave Barry's Annual Gift Guide

Daily Item readers, I have new and exciting information for you!

It is this:

Dave Barry is an exceedingly funny writer! If you have not read any of Dave Barry's stuff you must start. This evening I read "Dave Barry's Annual Gift Guide" and I have never laughed so hard.
I have included the link to his article in the Deseret News so you can read it for yourself and judge.

Go here:,5143,705272385,00.html

Merry Christmas!

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Wendy said...

O.K. I've only made it part way through the article and so far it's me... me... let's see... and me!! I'm pretty much famous now with Dave Barry writing an article about me. It's hard to stop when you consider all the friends I've made in 2008 alone. There's the whole PTA board, we can't forget the teachers and staff, the checkers at my favorite stores and those ever so friendly baggers. Seriously what would we do without them. The list goes on and on.