Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot 5K Thanksgiving Day 2009

Today was the annual Turkey Trot 5K run in Hailey Idaho.
This was my first ever 5K.
Jessica and I have been running for a couple of months in preparation for this event.
Jessica is an old pro and it has been so nice running with her!
We joined the 300 or so runners in this event, including family from Orem Utah (Amazing Wendy and Stacey Macey!)that traveled here to participate.
We had so much fun!!

Turkey Trot participants:
Brent, Wendy Mitchell, Stacey Mitchell, Penny Hope and Jessica Hatch!

Runners poised at the starting line. Penny and Stacey are on the front right.

Jessica Hatch crossed the finish line first in our family at 32:13!

Amazing Wendy finished at 47:54!

Brent finished at 33:45

Stacey and Penny finished at 55:29!


Jessumca said...

Thank you so much for training with me, Dad! You made running fun for me! I'm so proud that your time was a new record!

Jeremy said...

Congratulations on the run. Do you anticipate any more competitive running in the future? Sounds like you had a good training partner.

Becka said...

My brain tells me that I need to learn to love running, but my body says "Yum, more pie!"

I am jealous of your fun morning run in so many ways.

Happy Thanksgiving!

wendy said...

I think I could have walked it faster.... oooh well!! At least I didn't fall on my behind. I loved the cheering crowd at the end. Wish they were along side me the whole way. Just for the record... it was more than a turkey trot that we came for :o) Thanks for a great Thanksgiving weekend, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Jeremy the Ames said...

Nice job!

Turkey Trot, huh? You know, growing up, my brothers used to give me a lot of "turkey trots"–not quite the same. It did involved running, but also, alas, a large wedgie.