Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ahhhhh, the balancing act of Parenting. Sometimes tough. Still, I love it.

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Jessumca said...

i'm sorry dad.

Brent Hope said...

Oh Please Don't be Sorry!!

It's exhilarating being a parent as it has tremendous payoffs and no two days are the same. It's also the most difficult thing I've done because many times I have second guessed myself on the decisions I've had to make. In your successes I feel like we did something right, however during struggles I wonder what I could have done better (many times blaming myself).
This leads to me constantly trying to do a balancing act as the picture shows.

One thing I do know for sure is this: I have the best kids ever and they are far more talented than I am.

Jessumca said...

i'm sorry again! i meant to put a winking smiley face after my comment to show my sarcasm but in a rush i just posted the sentence. i knew what you meant. you couldn't offend me!

Jessumca said...

P.S. you are the best dad ever!

Jeremy said...

I'm nervous for when my kids are a little older and have real issues.

That balancing act you describe reminds me of that scene in the movie Parenthood. When you make the right decisions you envision your kid on graduation day giving a speech as valedictorian.
If you make the wrong decision as a parent you envision your kid at the top of the watch tower with a rifle picking people off.

At least that's how it went in Parenthood. Pretty accurate if you ask me. But then again I'm paranoid, so who knows?