Monday, November 9, 2009

Huff and Puff have been my friends

My daughter Jessica and I have been running and training for a 5K. I've never been much of a runner and I have never been in a 5K. Jessica has, she's a pro and she is a very patient running partner. Monday, Wednesday and Friday Jessica meets me at the Ketchum YMCA at noon and we run for 30-40 minutes. It has been very delightful having her with me as she is a much better runner.

On Thanksgiving Day here in the Valley there will be a 5k called "The Turkey Trot." It's a yearly event for all ages. Jessica, Wendy (Our sweet sister in-law) Penny and I will brave the rough streets of Hailey to run in this event.

This has been a renaissance for me athletically. My knees have felt sooo much better living here in the dry air of Idaho. My achilles are back to 100% after an injury 3.5 years ago. I can't tell you how much better it feels to be active! Euphoric indeed!!!

Running Log:

10/15/2009 Ran 2 miles (treadmill)30 minutes
10/16/2009 Ran 2 miles (treadmill) 30 minutes
10/17/2009 Ran 2 miles (outside) 26 minutes
10/19/2009 Ran 2.5 miles (treadmill) 40 minutes
10/21/2009 Ran 3.2 miles (treadmill) 38 minutes
10/23/2009 Ran 2.2 miles (treadmill) 30 minutes
10/26/2009 Ran 3.16 miles (treadmill) 40 minutes
10/28/2009 Ran 3.2 miles (treadmill) 40 minutes
11/06/2009 Ran 2 miles (treadmill) 30 minutes
11/09/2009 Ran 3.1 miles (outside) 33.30 minutes

I've managed to be pretty consistent with my running. There was one week I couldn't run due to a toe injury. Don't believe me?? Go Here!

My running log is meager for most runners and I recognize I really don't run that far. In fact, in early October when I ran my first half of a mile on the treadmill there was cause for celebration. I hadn't ran a half mile in ages due to my injured achilles. I had to come home and announce that I HAD JUST RAN A HALF A MILE!!

Then when I hit 2 miles and there was another celebration. Finally another celebration when I knew I could actually run 5K. Today is a mini celebration because I beat my old 3.1 time by 5 minutes and I ran it outside.


Jeremy said...

Good job on your running. Congratulations on running 3.1 in 33 minutes. When you compare the run you did today with your two mile run on 10/15 you ran an extra 1.1 miles in only three more minutes.

Well done!!

Brent Hope said...

I've been mildly ill on certain days. On those days the goal was to just get in there and run for 30 minutes even if I felt yucky.

Thanks for your praise.

Allison said...

You are going to leave me in the dust on Thanksgiving morning . . . just make sure you, Jess, Penny and Wendy are all there waiting for me when I finally cross!!!!

btw - your toe looks nasty . . . will you be sporting the crocs at church again on Sunday???

Jeremy said...

By the way,

I like the creative title for this post. On my blog, I spend way too much time trying to come up with a post title. I always appreciate witty ones. Good job!

Brent Hope said...

Thanks Timmy,

It's like the zen philosopher Roho used to say.

"A flute with no holes is no flute.
And a donut with no a Danish."

wendy said...

hey... you been workin' out w/o me?
I think I might be eating your dust also on this turkey trot!! I'll bring my music... I usually run alone anyway since not many others came keep my pace. S L O W !!