Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Four Twenty Ten

We received Brent's admission letter today telling him what track he will begin in.
Hopie the 3rd will begin school at BYU-Idaho on April 20th 2010
The track he has been assigned will be for Spring and Fall semesters.  He will attend school from late April to December with January through April off.
January through April is a good time to NOT be in Rexburg!


Jeremy said...

Yay Brent! Another good reason for us to visit Rexburg.

wendy said...

I'm loosing it... it shouldn't have taken me this long to realize what I have going on on the 20th.... married for 19 years da!! WOW has it really been that long? We will make a toast to you with our crystal goblets full of kool aid.

PixelFish said...

What is this track stuff? I don't recall any of this when I attended Ricks...(And I refuse to call it by THAT OTHER NAME. I only put it on my resume so people know I'm not on crack.)