Monday, October 12, 2009

Some things that Mormons do

Some Mormons come from large families. I didn't.
*I was an only child until my parents divorced. After my parents divorce my Father married a nice lady (Maralyn)that had two lovely daughters (Marla and Kelli) and would later have a lovely son (David). My Mother remarried and she had a lovely son (Jeremy). One brother from my Mother's side and 2 sisters and one brother from my Father's side brought the sibling count to 2 brothers and 2 sisters and we love each other.
That's a lot!

Some Mormons create large families. I did.
*Ruth and I married and had plans to have 6 children. We did and thought we were finished. Then we were blessed with one more. Penny. Bringing the total children count to 7!
We love each other.
That's a lot!

Some Mormons like to be left alone by themselves. I don't.
*Unless I have a nasty migraine or I'm really tired. Or there's only 3 cups of chocolate pudding in the fridge, in which case I will take all three cups into my bedroom and lock the door, eating them until they are all gone.

Some Mormons like to get together with other families and hang out. I do.
*I like to get together with other Mormon families that think the way we do. Sometimes we go to other families homes, (Ames, Walks, Farnsworths, Larsens, Rigbys, Yates, Ripleys, Mitchells, etc..)

Some Mormons Like to go on Vacation. I do.
*We like to drive anywhere our car can go and explore as a family.

Some Mormons like to host other Mormon's Vacation. I do!
*Because we live in the beautiful mountains of Idaho, many people like to travel to our home to visit (Ballou, Walks, Ames, Mitchells, Hopes).
We love it when people visit!

This last week we had the good fortune of having James and Kelly Walk and their beautiful children stay with us. James and Kelly are our good friends from Graham Washington. We used to be in the Lincoln Ward together (in Tacoma). The Walks have 5 beautiful children all 8 years old and under.
They are:
and Eden

The Walks stayed with us from Sunday to Sunday. Our children played with their children and together we all played games and listened to beautiful music played by my daughters: Jessica, Sarah and Penny. We also listened to Kelly play and sing at the piano.

James and I had terrific battles on the xbox.

Entertainment was totally centered around the home and the participants thereof.

Sarah french braiding Kelly's hair.

Taylor with Jake and James relaxing a bit.

Caught on video is Kelly singing and playing the piano with Penny, Haily, Eden and Taylor singing along. This video was taken without Kelly or the girls knowing it and it captures what really goes on in Mormon households and why we love it so. Ruth and I sat on the fireplace and enjoyed.

Some Mormons like it when friends and family come to visit. We do!


Jeremy said...

That was a super and creative post. I really liked the candid video too!

wendy said...

Some mormons love reading about other mormons and what other mormons love to do... and some mormons should really visit some other mormons and let them host their vacation also.

Allison said...

We LOVE our Mormon neighbors!!! We love that they LOVE us . . .

We LOVED meeting the Kelly and James and Co. What great people!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!!