Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dreaming of Asian food: Any Asian food

Ever had that dream that you'd cross a flooded street up to your neck just to get some descent Asian food because you live in a valley that has good Asian food but charges an arm and a leg for it??

Me too. All the time.


Jeremy said...

Come over over to Boise my friend. We'll go to Thai Nalyn right near Boise State. The owner goes to Seattle weekly to get the good stuff.

wendy said...

Two trips to your local restaurant and you'll need a floaty to cross that street.

(get it... no arms, no legs)

Ouch that was a bad one... but what can I say I have seen Jake's movie 1 to many times. That's right Jake-o-rama... I'm blaming you bro.

Jessumca said...

we totally think the same dad! i have been wanting some asian food so bad lately, it killing me! seriously, i think my organs are slowly failing.