Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Periodic reflective peas

Ever known this guy?
Yeah, me too.

I've been reflecting lately.

I read some articles on Blogging and what should be in blogs and what shouldn't. I read articles in the Ensign and listened to talks by M. Russell Ballard discussing elements of blogging and other "internetland" communication. From all the information I've read I've discovered a few things.

They are:
  1. It looks like I'm doing a lot of things wrong. (You know what they are, I don't have to point them out) By wrong, I mean things ranging from plagiarism to security issues (giving out names and addresses, hair color, maiden names)
  2. There are many other blogs that I admire and look up to, if you will.
  3. My blog is kind of reflection of my own life (unfortunately).
While these things are mostly negative that I've explained, I've come to realize that:
  • if you want a sweet loving blog, go here.
  • if you want good recipes and country living, go here.
  • if you want good writing, humor and Boise landscapes, go here.
  • if want consistent sweetness, go here.
  • if you want to know more about the Wood River valley and the Hope's, go here.
  • if want flat out pure virtuous inspiration, go here.
On the other hand, if want flat out pure ludicrous, scratch your head, premeditated and attempted humor, go to: The Daily Item. To which I say:

"Sorry folks, this is all I've got."

I can't be the the things I admire in all of the other blogs that I've posted above. I have made attempts, but to no avail. After all my trying I end up coming right back to the same old schtick (like this: go here!). See what I mean.

But I take comfort in knowing that this planet needs, all types (you have no idea how many times I've been told that) and I fit the bill for that description.


Jessumca said...

oh daddy! you are by far my favorite blog to view! i don't think it would be worth blogging, for me, if you didn't have one. i enjoy your silly pictures and photo-shopped faces the best! They make me laugh every time! when i need to be comforted i know i can just go to your blog. i LOVE your humor. don't ever change it.

Jeremy said...

Rifle markings. It sounds like you and I suffer from the same phobias. I think I can relate to what you're feeling. With that said, I LOVE your blog. Don't change it. I wish you had time to blog every single day because I look forward to seeing your blog everyday. It's the truth. Keep doing your thing.

Also, thank you for the nice words about my blog. I'll quote you on that.

Becka said...

I'm gonna echo exactly what both Jess and Jerm said! I love your blog! It was actually the inspiration in starting my own blog. I thought that if I could do have as good as you then my blog would be great!

Please keep the post coming, they always brighten my day!

Allison said...

Your blog rocks!!!

Sonja said...

I'm so glad this planet has the Daily Item!!

brent, your humor does leave me speachless sometimes, but jeremy says that's not a bad thing.

Um...I really tried to think of something else to say but then I looked down at the picture of you guys balleting with chainsaws.

that's all.

Brent Hope said...

Geeeez everyone...thanks for the very nice comments. I've have the best friends ever.

wendy said...

I like your rule breakin' bloggin' type!!! You make me smile, laugh out loud, sometimes fall off my chair... as long as the floor isn't 10 feet away, I see no reason to stop.